About Us

"KALYAN ASSOCIATES" is an association rendering services in the Legal field; The various associates at "KALYAN ASSOCIATES" are a group of professional in the legal field rendering services on various aspects of law. This Associates is Established, able managed and administered by Shri. P. KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY Advocate.

Kalyan Associates is associated with various luminaries like

1. Shri. G. S. Srinivas Advocate
2. Shri. M. N. Uma Shankar Advocate
3. Shri. S. Rajendra Advocate
4. Shri. D. R. Ravi Shankar Advocate
5. Shri. K. N. Vipin Kumar Mune Gowda Advocate

Kalyan Associates renders services in the legal field more briefly narrated in the "SERVICES" page.




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Kalyan Chakravarthy